Design Thinking For Business

· LIVE Workshop /  6 Hrs.

In this 6 hour virtual course, you can learn design thinking through mini-le ctures & light engaging activities. Best of all, through individual/group projects, you can easily apply the key tools to their existing projects and accelerate your design skills development today!

This virtually facilitated workshop helps you to

  • Understand Design Thinking and be a part of  the organisation’s Design Culture

  • Create an Outside-In approach to creating Customer Success and rekindle the startup spirit

  • Start thinking/discussions based on customer pain points & collaboration as opposed to prioritizing on internal pain points & own silos

  • Encourage and enable a “Move Fast/Fail Fast” ways of working

  • Foster Teamwork/Team Dynamics and Team Collaboration


Workshop Activity / Key Learning

Session 1

( 2 hours )

Design Thinking Program Overview

  • Introduction to Design Thinking & Empathy

  • Outside-In Thinking

  • Customer Personas & Customer Journey Mapping

Project #1: Customer Personas, Pain-points & Journey Maps

Session 2

( 2 hours )

Creative Ideation

  • Sharing Project #1 & Feedback

  • Designing out of the box projects

  • Systematic Inventive Thinking

Project #2: Innovation Ideas

Session 3

( 2 hours )

Developing Projects through Experiments

  • Sharing Project #2 & Feedback

  • LEAN Experimentation for business professionals

  • Assumption-busting Experiment Planning

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