Think Outside  your Business Model
(New S-Curve)

As customers needs change in reaction to the New Normalmany organizations must adapt NOW & create value & profits or risk being disrupted & even destroyed.  Some organizations must discover new business models & create new growth in new industries as their current industries undergo unstoppable change in these unpredictable times.

Opportunity Canvas

High Growth Business Design is a skill that Senior Leaders and Leaders of the Future must possess for success. It starts with discovering the right high growth opportunity and results in new business models and businesses that can be experimented with by small teams. For more than 10 years, MinddoJo has been advising leaders from retail, finance, real estate and energy industries  on how to create new businesses that helps them step into new industries.

Innovation Opportunities.001.jpeg

Outcomes & Experience

This course has helped:


Managers at a high growth regional retailer identify new high value opportunities in the New Normal


Strategists identify, plan & experiment with new initiatives for Triple Growth using only resources that are available to them at a highly popular supermarket chain


Senior executives from finance industry understand the forces that will create their Next Normal as well as design strategies to succeed through the incoming challenges


· LIVE Workshop

In this 6 hour LIVE virtual course, you can learn High Growth Business Design through mini-lectures & light engaging activities. Best of all, through individual/group projects, you can easily apply the key tools to their existing projects and accelerate your progress towards launching an exponential growth project with your team

Specialist Team