Strategic Thinking Simulation

· LIVE Workshop /  6 Hrs.

In this 6 hour virtual course, you can learn our Strategy Design Method through mini-lectures & light engaging activities. Best of all, through the Online Business Simulation, you will see all the elements of your strategic thinking real-time as you design, execute and reflect on your performance vs your classmates!

This virtually facilitated workshop helps you to

  • Design more creative strategies that achieve goals in efficient ways using the resources you have

  • Analyze and consider the important information / drivers that lead to creation of good strategies

  • Visualize how competitors will have an impact on your strategies and adapt your game

  • Experience the challenges of strategic thinking through experiential learning methods


Workshop Activity / Key Learning

Session 1

( 2 hours )

Strategic Thinking & New Rules of Competition:

  • Strategy and the Strategic Creativity Process

  • The Drivers Model of Strategy

  • Business Model Canvas for Strategists

Project #1: Your BMC

Session 2

( 2 hours )

Strategic Business Simulation

  • Online Simulation Tutorial

  • Testing your Strategic Plays

  • Strategic Planning

Project #2: Your Strategies for Success & Sim Practice!

Session 3

( 2 hours )

Adjusting to RealTime Competition

  • Business Simulation Tournament

  • Agile Strategy & Learning from your Competitors

  • Tournament Debrief & Strategy Lessons Shared

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