Watthanakanjana (Butt)

Facilitator MindDojo


Working in financial industry for 4 years
6,600 Training Hours 2010 - Current
3 Countries worked in

Relevant Certifications
- Leadership - Communication
- Critical Thinking - Coaching
- Career Consult

Butthaka is the facilitator of Minddojo as well as a career consultant at Prompt Education Consultant. She has been working in financial industry for 4 years before pursuing her dream in the area of training and coaching. Moreover, she has also been a math tutor for international students since when she lived in Singapore until now.

As her experiences in different fields and her strenght in teaching , it drives her to be able to share good examples during her training. Her specialization is in coaching, critical thinking, organizational behavior, and personality type based on MBTI tools with various application such as team building, coaching, career consulting ect.

Watthanakanjana (Butt)
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 Hi! My name is Pinky, Have any  question?  Please  Reach me at   Digital@minddojo.me

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