Driving Innovation
for Leaders

An organization’s ability to adapt & innovate, determines its ability to survive in a chaotic & unpredictable world. Post 2020, organizations in all industries need to leverage old strengths and create new areas of advantage in this New Normal. The pressure on senior leadership to envision, design & lead this innovation transformation for their organization is higher than ever. Successes of the past are no longer creating the results we need for the future.

Innovation Performance   System

MindDoJo’s Innovation Performance System (MIPS) is a best practice management system trusted by leading  innovative organizations in Thailand from the telecoms, financial and energy sectors. MIPS helps leaders to envision a better future and also align the strategies, resources & projects to creating that future in the most efficient way possible. The system provides a solid foundation on which an innovation culture of creating innovation everyday by anyone can be nurtured and grown

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Outcomes & Experience

This course has helped


Senior leaders at a leading telecoms provider get on the same page on innovation strategy and make decisions on resources they need to fund all the innovative initiatives


Country Management Team of a Global Retailer gain clarity on innovation priorities and design simple corporate processes to turn creative action into innovation culture


Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) at an innovative bank discover how they can drive innovation in their Business Units and design action plans to help each other make it happen faster for all


· LIVE Workshop

In this 6 hour virtual course, you can learn MindDoJo’s Innovation Performance System (MIPS) through mini-lectures & light engaging activities. Best of all, through individual/group projects, you can start creating the first drafts & policies of your own innovation performance system that will help provide a clear direction on what innovation the organization should create and a practical strategy for how to achieve it

Specialist Team