Strategic Thinking Simulation

Most strategies that used to work in the past, do not create the same performance post 2020. Even the most experienced leaders are  just learning the New Rules of Competition in this New Normal. Today, Intelligent Strategic Thinking at all levels of the organization is key for business revival and sustainable success. Everyone in the organization must understand how they create value for stakeholders and the strategy they are accountable for success. Strategy is everyone’s responsibility

The Business Model Canvas

For more than 10 years, MinddoJo has been helping non-strategy managers and teams from engineering, healthcare, design and business support operations understand strategy and create strategies for their teams, business unit and organization. Our Strategy Design Method is simple and highly applicable to wide range of strategic situations from finding a strategy to get your Boss to approve to creating a Revival Strategy for your product line.

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Outcomes & Experience

This course has helped


Operations & Admin teams from a leading F&B brand understand strategic thinking and apply it to new organizational development initiatives


VPs and SVPs at a conservative finance institution see the bigger picture of strategy and shift their focus to results outside their silos


Top Talent from a household FMCG brand strengthen their strategic thinking competencies and create strategies for the future


· LIVE Workshop

In this 6 hour virtual course, you can learn our Strategy Design Method through mini-lectures & light engaging activities. Best of all, through the Online Business Simulation, you will see all the elements of your strategic thinking real-time as you design, execute and reflect on your performance vs your classmates!

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